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   Residencies & Keynotes

Bobby Boogaloo has a few different songwriting workshops & artist residencies available:

School Song Workshop

   plus Concert COMBO   (1 or 2 Days)

“Best money I ever spent on a program!”

Jane Fawcett, Principal, Lakeview School, Ottawa, ON

Does your school have a “school song”?  Maybe it’s time to make one!

A song is a very powerful and fun way for a group to “come together”. What is your school all about? What makes your school special? What is important to the students and staff? What messages are worth singing again and again in a kid-friendly, fun way?

In this one or two day workshop, Bobby works with your school’s students (with staff input also) to write your very own “official” school song inspired by your character vision for the school!  And then – we sing it! And then – we record it!  Then you get a CD!  And then – sing it again and again!

From Bobby: “I’m very honoured to be able to visit schools to perform my “School Song Workshop”.  It has been a huge success so far across Canada – since September 2006 I’ve brainstormed with over 30,000 students at over 100 schools to WRITE, PERFORM, and RECORD their very own SCHOOL SONG.  The response has been amazing and the kids have been thrilled to be so involved in the empowering and creative force of making their own song…

“…PLUS, the songs speak of your school’s positive character values vision that is so important for them to become conscious of.  When we brainstorm together about what these things mean, and then they sing about them over and again every time they sing their own school song (that they helped to write) – it can have a really positive, powerful impact on the whole school culture.

“I invite you to have a look/listen to MP3’s of these unique and inspiring songs – just click HERE!”  


One or Two Day Workshop plus Concert.  The One-Day version includes a mini-concert to start the day, plus four brainstorming sessions of about 40 minutes with smaller groups to write the song, plus a full-school recording session at the end of the day.  The Two-Day option allows a full concert at the beginning, plus eight sessions.  

The school receives a CD with three versions of your new school song on it, which can be used to lead the students in song at future assemblies and special school events!

Students can order copies of the CD, with 30% of net proceeds on bulk orders returning

To the school as BoogaBucks$$, which can be used to help pay workshop fees or to fund other school activities!  Please read on for further information...


Is the song and tune original?  Yes.  The tune is usually “sculpted” out of the hook brainstorming with students and staff.  We literally take an adventure from one step of the song to next to see where we want it to go!  True creativity!  Bobby enjoys many styles of music and does his best to NOT copy other songs - including his own - and find new ways of saying and sounding songs.  The fun for Bobby truly is in the process of discovery with each new song!  His publishing company is called “UnHerd-of Music” for a reason.

How Does Bobby write a song so fast and focus all of the students and staff and their ideas?  Bobby is a very prolific songwriter who has written over 500 songs and happens to have a unique talent (could’ve been a head injury?) for not only working with, educating, and entertaining the students through the process, but also focusing all of the brainstorming ideas in a clear and creative direction and into words and music, complete with many kid-friendly hooks!  Please see the many references from previous schools, and have a look and listen to the other songs.  Bobby often hears feedback from staff at schools that they didn’t think he could actually put it all together like that, and with such a strong, catchy, coherent song that actually captures the essence of what they wanted to say in song.  

Staff Direction and Input:  Principal and Staff direction and input is not only welcome but strongly encouraged!  The more ideas and direction we have at the beginning of the process, and during the day while the song itself unfolds, the better!  Please feel free to listen other songs and let Bobby know if there is a sound or style of one or two that you really like and would like for your school!

Pre-Visit Brainstorm Activities:  There are two Pre-Visit Brainstorm Activities to be conducted ahead of Bobby’s visit to warm-up the students to the process as well as introduce the school to Bobby ahead of time.  The first activity is for principal and staff and the second is for each teacher to conduct with their classes.

How does it work?   Please contact us for more detailed information on how the workshop will proceed in both the one and day two formats.

One or Two Day Option?   The Two-Day Option is ideal for:  larger schools;  schools who wish French content in their song (Bobby is not bilingual but does understand some french and truly enjoys working with staff and students to add a french verse or phrases!);  schools who wish greater exposure for their students to the powerful music, language, and character education elements of this workshop.  The One-Day Option is fun and it moves quite quickly - intense and powerful for the whole school!  The Two-Day allows a bit more time to explore and expand upon all the adventures of writing a song!  The second day is half-price for those interested in this option.

Pricing?  Please contact us for pricing, including Booking Buddy Discounts (when two or more schools buddy-up to present Bobby’s programs).  Again - the Two-Day Option is deeply discounted with the second day half-price.

Recording Session?  Your students will all together be led through a powerful recording session as the grand finale to the workshop.  Your new song will be professionally recorded with Bobby’s portable studio (technology these days!).  Bobby then takes the recording back to his studio in Edmonton to further produce the song, and then create three versions of your new song:  the first is the “live” recording of the whole school singing together;  the second version is with just Bobby’s vocals, which you can then use again and again to lead the school through the song in future assemblies;  and the third version is without any vocals at all - karaoke style - so the kids can sing along to it by themselves when they know it well!

CD, Student Orders and BoogaBucks$$ Fundraising?  Your school will receive a CD with all three versions on it.  If the students wish to order their own CD, they can do so, with 30% of proceeds of the bulk order returning to your school as “BoogaBucks$$ Fundraising”, which can be used to fund a pet project or this workshop itself!

Ages?  The School Song Workshop is ideal for K-6 ages, although many schools have a younger (K-3) or older (K-9 or 12) population.  Bobby tries his best to work with all involved at their level, calling on older students to be leaders, and sometimes suggesting older and younger grade levels to buddy-up for sessions.  Please see this for more info!

Final thoughts:

Your students will help to create the very song that they sing together, and you can feel the energy and excitement in the school build as the song comes alive throughout the workshop, culminating in the powerful full-school recording session, which can really bring the whole school together in an electric way!  

A song is truly a great way to “rally the troops” with positive message reinforcement and high ideals - and even more so when they are involved in the process of writing it!  They will be singing their most inspired thoughts about WHO THEY ARE and WHO THEY WANT TO BE and HOW THEY WANT TO TREAT EACH OTHER in a fun fun fun way!  And with the CD available, they can sing their song over and over again!

Sound like fun? You betcha’!



This powerful 1-4 week Artist-in-Residency program is a creative adventure your students will never forget and may just inspire the next hit songwriter!  Bobby works with each class in the school to collectively write and perform a brand new song based upon a specific Character Education value, such as "respect" or "courage".  Each song is brainstormed, written, recorded and performed in a finale concert spectacle, with school CD to follow!  

Through each class' four sessions, the song is created, learned, and then performed by the class for the rest of the school and parents at a final concert, as each class takes their turn showcasing their new masterpiece!

The fourth session is a "recording session" with the music room converted into a recording studio. The final recordings of each song are made into a CD for the school.

To hear and read the word to over 100 songs from “SongPower Residency” Workshops at different schools, please visit the SongPower MP3 pages here!

The Power of Song!

There can be incredible power in the process of creating a song.  Indeed, the true power comes from the realization of one’s own creative power - to see that we can create “something from nothing” as Bobby’s tries to inspire in students.

The process begins with the first brainstorming session in which the chosen subject matter is used as a vehicle for interactive discussion.  If the subject is “respect” for example, Bobby would brainstorm with the students about what it means, how do we show it, and why it might be important.

From the ideas generated in this initial brainstorm, a “hook” for the song which powerfully conveys the central theme is chosen and slowly (actually, quite quickly!) turned into the song’s words and brought alive into song.

It is a very dynamic and engaging process to synthesize words, meaning and music together, and the final product to come alive as the song!


This fun and educational workshop will integrate Character, Music, and Language Education programs.


1. it will facilitate deeper discussions on the core values outlined in Character Education - each class in the school will choose a value and create a song based on that value;

2. the discussion process will be explored and channelled creatively into the lyrical side of the songwriting process - generally with the main theme outlined into the chorus, and then further aspects of the chosen "value" explored in verses;

3. the lyric writing component will challenge the kids in the use of rhyming and rhythm structure, as well as melody;

4. as the creation of the song develops, the integration of music making with the lyric will make the song come alive;

5. When the song is finished, the song will be rehearsed and performed by the whole class at the final concert. Each class will perform their song for the rest of the school;

6.  The final recording session will challenge the class to work together and introduce them to the exciting process of recording a song!

Further Information

Please contact us with any enquiries for further information.


Pricing will vary according to a number of factors including, size of school as well as location of school and appropriate travel costs.  Please contact us to talk through variables, further questions, and costs.

Alberta Foundation for the Arts Grants!   For schools in Alberta, there is generous grant funding available annually through the AFA!  Usually this means a 50% grant for schools near Edmonton, and 75% for schools outside of Edmonton.  Bobby has been on the AFA Roster since 2006 and so the process of obtaining a grant can be streamlined, and Bobby is happy to assist with the grant application process.

There are many other grant opportunities available for schools also.

Finally, here’s a reference from a previous SongPower Residency:

"This April, Bobby Boogaloo presented his SongPower workshop at our school. It proved to be a very valuable and memorable experience for all involved.

His sessions with the students were well planned, and exceptionally productive considering their limited time together. He was well prepared and organized, and ready for the students when they arrived. His ability to balance the student’s enthusiasm, while attending to their creative process was impressive, and made their experience and unforgettable one.

The concerts Bobby presented to the school and community were an excellent showcase of his talent, and the student’s hard work. They were highly energetic, entertaining, and encouraged audience participation.

The SongPower workshop was a huge success at our school, and has touched the lives of many young children who will forever be indebted to him as he has “planted the seed” of music in their hearts and souls. The proof of this will be in the CD that they will now have as a memoir of their time with Bobby.

I would highly recommend his SongPower workshop to any school fortunate to be able to book him. It is reasonably priced, and well worth the money!"

     Jennifer McLeod, Vice-Principal

     Smith School, Smith, AB

“Music Is In Everyone”

    Keynote Presentation & Workshop

     For professional development conferences

Let Bobby perform a Keynote Musical Concert for your next professional development conference, followed by a workshop on music making and creative empowerment for kids of all ages.  

The Keynote Concert:  Bobby will entertain your conference attendees with an unusual mix of song and humour that spans both his kids music repertoire as well as his “grown-up” music repertoire.  In other words, both teachers and Bobby can “let their hair down” and have big fun in a way that they perhaps couldn’t if the kids themselves were around... “Staff room” humour and enthusiasm are most welcome, as this can be a great “de-stressor” from the sometimes intense learning that can incorporate the rest of a conference!   ;)

“Music Is In Everyone” Workshop for teachers:

Join children’s musician and songwriter (with over 500 songs written) Bobby Boogaloo in this powerful, interactive workshop on creativity as we explore how we can all make our own songs come alive - in our classrooms and our selves!   The central theme is that music is meant for everyone – you don’t have to be a Celine Dion or Pavarotti - we are born with a heartbeat so we all have “the rhythm” in us.  

Concepts explored include:  the attitude of “adventure” necessary in creating; the power of brainstorming; looking for the “hook”; basics of song structure;  tips and tricks to make your songs kid-friendly;  Concepts explored include:  the power of "The Hook" in a song (and, indeed, in all communication); the process and elements of creating a song from start to finish; various techniques to make songs fun and exciting for kids;  using the power of "brainstorming" to explore a subject and translate the generated ideas into song; the mindset of "exploration" and "adventure" that can bring music and songwriting truly "alive"; and how to get into that “magic creative zone” where creation is natural and fun.  

Bobby will draw on examples from some of the over 200 songs he has written with over 30,000 kids across Canada during his wildly popular and inspiring SongPower and SchoolSong Workshop Programs.  

Oh, and, if you're good, we might even write a song or two too!  


School Songs

Click below to find the words for school songs
starting with the following letters:







Click below to find the words to the songs
written at each of the schools:

Afton School - Edmonton, AB

AB Daley School - Nanton, AB

Centennial School - Wetaskiwin, AB

David Ovans School - Sangudo, AB

Exshaw School - Exshaw, AB

Fort Assiniboine School - Fort Assiniboine, AB

Harbour View School - Coquitlam, BC

John Paul I School - Edmonton, AB

Julia Kiniski School - Edmonton, AB

Seaview School - Port Moody, BC

Smith School - Smith, AB

Tumbler Ridge School - Tumbler Ridge, BC