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written at each of the schools:

Afton School - Edmonton, AB

AB Daley School - Nanton, AB

Centennial School - Wetaskiwin, AB

David Ovans School - Sangudo, AB

Exshaw School - Exshaw, AB

Fort Assiniboine School - Fort Assiniboine, AB

Harbour View School - Coquitlam, BC

John Paul I School - Edmonton, AB

Julia Kiniski School - Edmonton, AB

Seaview School - Port Moody, BC

Smith School - Smith, AB

Tumbler Ridge School - Tumbler Ridge, BC

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Exshaw School

Exshaw, AB

March 5-9, 2007

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With A Little Bit of Courage

You Can Live a Big Dream

Exhaw School - Grade 4

Song Subject: Courage


Ch-boom-boom ch-boom-boom

Ch-boom-boom ch-boom-boom

With a little bit of courage

You can live a big dream

If you believe you can achieve

And live a life supreme

Ch-boom-boom ch-boom-boom

Ch-boom-boom ch-boom-boom


Stand up, stand up for what is right

Even if you dream it alone

If you want it, if you want it, you can have it, you can have it

If you claim the power you own


If you want to be a doctor or a lawyer or a chief

Whatever your dream - your power is belief

Step up to the plate - keep your eye on the mark

Don't be afraid to hit it out of the park


I'm The Captain

Exshaw School - Grade 3

Song Subject: Self-Control


I'm the captain

And it starts with me

I make the choices

That set me free

I lead by example

For all to see

I'm the captain, I'm the captain, I'm the captain of me!

Yesiree - I'm the captain of me

Yesiree - I'm the captain you see

I keep my hands to myself and my mouth is quiet

When someone else is speaking I don't start a riot

If each of us shows self-control

Then our whole class will be on a roll


I eat healthy food all through the day

So my body and my mind can have fun and play

I turn off the t.v. and get some fresh air

Run around, get a good night's sleep

To show my body I care!


Everybody's Different

But We're All The Same

Exshaw School - Grade 7/8

Song Subject: Tolerance

Style: Elvis!


Everybody's different but we're all the same

Accepting other people is the name of the game

We don't have to cry

We don't have to hate

We can live in harmony before it's too late

Uh-huh - all of us together

Uh-huh - all of us together

Uh-huh - all of us together uh-huh

Being polite makes others shine bright

It doesn't take much to do it right

Come and sing along with us in symphony

We can be one big family


The nature of life is diversity

So let's celebrate it - yes siree

It doesn't matter how you look or what you do

As long as you are - YOU!


It's Cool To Be Kind

Exshaw School - Grade 5/6

Song Subject: Kindness

Style: Johnny Cash!


It's cool to be kind

It starts in your heart and mind

Then you never know what, you never know what

What kind of friends you might find

We'll have a good time

It's cool to be kind


You can say "hey - how you doin?"

when you're walking down the hall

You can help fix up the engine

when someone starts to stall

The words we use can make or break

the way somebody feels

A little bit of kindness

can really grease those wheels…


When you give a smile

the sun shines through your face

You can feel the warmth

all over the place

Stand up for what's right

when somebody needs you

Pick'em up and pull'em out of the muck

and help'em find a way through…


The True Crew

Exshaw School - Grade 1/2

Song Subject: Honesty


We're the True Crew of Me & You

Looking for the honest thing to do

We go to school, follow the rules

Then we all build trust which keeps us coooool

We're the True Crew of Me & You

We're the True Crew of Me & You

Honesty shows respect which shows the world you care

When you tell the truth you can see it everywhere

Honesty is a choice that starts in your mind

Everytime you show it a friendship you will find


If you make a mistake, just say "sorry"

Make it better next time, you don't have to worry

If someone lends to you their very favourite toy

When you give it back, then you build trust

And everybody feels the joy!


Thanks to all the fantastic students and staff at Exshaw School -
I had a great time with you all and hope to visit you all again soon!!!

Take care of your amazing selves!

Bobby Boogaloo