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written at each of the schools:

Afton School - Edmonton, AB

AB Daley School - Nanton, AB

Centennial School - Wetaskiwin, AB

David Ovans School - Sangudo, AB

Exshaw School - Exshaw, AB

Fort Assiniboine School - Fort Assiniboine, AB

Harbour View School - Coquitlam, BC

John Paul I School - Edmonton, AB

Julia Kiniski School - Edmonton, AB

Seaview School - Port Moody, BC

Smith School - Smith, AB

Tumbler Ridge School - Tumbler Ridge, BC

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David Ovans School

Sangudo, AB

Nov. 6-10, 2006

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Read the lyrics below!

When You and Me

Take Responsibility

Grade 1


When You and Me Take Responsibility

Then we can all live happy (x2)

Less mess, less stress

When cleaning up behind ourselves just say "yes!" (x2)


The words we use, and the choices we choose

When we work together we can do Boogaloos! (x2) CHORUS

Don't shirk, homework

It's fun to learn - and that's the perk! (x2)


Life is More Fun

When We Live Respectfully

Grade 2


It makes everyone feel good

Especially me

When we show respect

That's the way I like it to be

So spread it around

And then you'll see

That life is more fun when we live respectfully

Life is more fun when we live respectfully

We can:

Help little kids if they need a hand

Speak up for your friends when it's time to take a stand

Be a good listener and try to understand

When we show respect we live in a happy land

When we show respect we live in a happy land CHORUS

We can:

Take care of our bodies so they'll take care of us

When it's time to clean up don't make a big fuss

Work hard together so we can all get an A-plus

When we show respect we live in a happy land

When we show respect we live in a happy land CHORUS

Be Honest With Your

Fine Self

Grade 3


Be honest with your…

Fine, magnificent, wonderful, fabulous,

super-splendiferous self!

If you be honest with yourself

Good things will happen

You'll feel good inside

And your toes will start tappin'

Next thing you know

You'll earn everybody's trust

If we want to make friends

Then trust is a must… so… CHORUS

We can lead by example

With the truth we respect

Straight from the heart

That's what you can expect

Next thing you know

You soul starts to shine

The world's a better place

And you're feeling fine… so…. CHORUS

It Takes Courage to Grow

Grades 3/4


It takes courage to grow

And try something new

A little bit everyday

Always a new you you you you

Always a new YOU!

You may fall down flat on your face

But you can get back up and into the race

You may fall down but your true colours show

When you pick yourself up just get up and go go go go


Who knows what we can find

When we think for ourselves with our own mind

So stand on up for what is right

And you will feel all of your might might might might


We can rise above our fears

We can make happiness out of tears

When the going gets tough the tough get goin'

So let out a roar and let your spirit be

showin' showin' showin' showin'


In The Mirror's Eyes

Grade 4


When I'm walking down the hall

I see what I can see

If I give a smile to all

They'll smile back at me

In this - house of mirrors

You see - others clearer

Don't cry you're not alone we'll be right by your side

I can see how you might feel

When I look in the mirror's eyes

Walking in another's shoes

Knowing how they feel

Taking time to think of them

Makes your friendship real CHORUS

Listen, think, watch and feel

To try to understand

Where they might be coming from

So you can lend a hand CHORUS

Try to see beyond yourself

And break out of your shell

Then you can live the Golden Rule

And will end up well CHORUS

Apples, Peaches,

Pears, and Plums

Grade 5


Apples, peaches, pears and plums

We are all different but we are all one! (x2)

One's not better than another

They're just different from each other (x2) CHORUS

What if we were all the same?

That would be a boring game! (x2) CHORUS

Black, white, yellow, brown

Diversity makes the world go round (x2) CHORUS

Respect yourself for who you are

If you believe it, you're a star! (x2) CHORUS

Speak Out, Speak Out

Grades 6


Speak up, speak out

For what you believe in, your heart is dreaming

Speak up, speak out

For what you believe (x2)

Speak your truth - your heart knows a lie

Speak your mind - let your conscience be your guide

Speak your voice - and show your might

Speak up, speak out for what's right! CHORUS

Speak your soul - and let it shine

Speak your heart - lay it on the line

Speak your thoughts - bring them into the light

Speak up, speak out for what's right! CHORUS

And there you have it - seven brand new songs (and good ones too!) written in less than a week - a big congratulations to all the students on doing an amazing job!!

I'd like to pass along a big thank you to all the students and staff for having me at David Ovans - I had a great week and enjoyed working with you!

I look forward to seeing you all again soon - all the best,

Bobby Boogaloo