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written at each of the schools:

Afton School - Edmonton, AB

AB Daley School - Nanton, AB

Centennial School - Wetaskiwin, AB

David Ovans School - Sangudo, AB

Exshaw School - Exshaw, AB

Fort Assiniboine School - Fort Assiniboine, AB

Harbour View School - Coquitlam, BC

John Paul I School - Edmonton, AB

Julia Kiniski School - Edmonton, AB

Seaview School - Port Moody, BC

Smith School - Smith, AB

Tumbler Ridge School - Tumbler Ridge, BC

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Centennial School

Wetaskiwin, AB

March 6-10, 2006

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Read the lyrics below!

Don't Lie, Be True

Grade 6


Don't lie, be true

Then everybody's gonna' trust you

Be true don't lie

Then what you say people will buy (x2)

U wanted be trusted? Tell the truth

We're telling you true

Honestly honestly honestly….


Have faith, U can do it

We know you can

'cuz we're telling you true….


Honesty is a part of you

You know it's true

Let it shine on through….


Share That Cake

Grade 5


Share that cake make no mistake

Share that cake that's all it takes (x2)


Everybody is unique

Take the time to take a peek (x2)

Come on do the fairness twist

Make sure nobody gets missed (x2)

Da Da Da….

Doo Doo Doo…

Always give before you take

So share that cake for goodness' sake (x2)

There's a reason to play fair

Everyone will want to care (x2)

Let us leave nobody out

That's what fairness is about (x2)

Da Da Da….

Doo Doo Doo…

Share you kite while in the park

Before it gets too late and dark (x2)

Everybody likes to play

Include your friends in everway (x2)

A Little Bit Crazy

and a Lot Bit Smart

Grade 4-6


A little bit crazy and a lot bit smart

Rise up to the challenge of your heart

One step at a time just start at the start

A little bit crazy and a lot bit smart

Be not afraid to face your fears

Be true to what you hold dear

Work for what you desire

Keep going right to the wire


Follow your conscience instead of the crowd

Think for yourself if you want to be proud

Stretch beyond your limitations

Then you'll never be an imitation


It Feels Good Inside

Grade 4


It feels good inside

Like chocolate cake

Don't make the mistake

Of not showing respect

It feels good inside

Like chocolate cake

Delicious and sweet

Respect is neat

Respect is treating

Others well

Following rules

Is really swell

Respect is hearing

Kind word or deed

Whenever you

Feel the need

So everyday

We go and play

Give respect

The whole day

We feel happy

And good inside

Happy just

To be alive!


Repeat RAP version


Take the Lemons

Grade 3

CHORUS: (twice first time)

Take the lemons and make the lemonade

Dare to dream and be not afraid

Open your eyes to the bright side of life

It takes the sting out of your strife (x2)

Oh yeah, ohhh yeah, Oh yeah, ohhh yeah

Pour some sugar on your thought

Add your lemons and then they're not

Stir it up and put it all in the pot

Next thing you know your lemons are forget

CHORUS (once)

When I drink that lemonade

A smile comes to my face

And then the world is a better place

So drink it up and take a taste

CHORUS (once)

So put on those rose-coloured glasses

And bat those happy eyelashes

See beyond what you see

With you mind's eye anything can be

CHORUS (twice)

In The Groove

Grade 2


In the groove, working together

In the groove, help one another

Take turns taking turns will make it work

There's no mountain we can't move

Working together in the groove

Sharing, caring, lending a hand

Making music won't you come join our band

Count on me if you get stuck

Together we can make our own good luck


Helping one another that's what we do

We can all make a friendship stew

Peace and love are part of me

The grade 2's sing in harmony


Terry Fox Ran The Distance

Grades 1-2


Terry Fox ran the distance

Against all odds with great persistence

Never gave up on his dream

No matter how hard it might have seemed

Terry Fox was a good man

Ran halfway across the land

With just one leg, he ran for an answer

To help others with a cure for cancer


Believe in your heart

Though things may fall apart

If you want to be smart

Then what you start


What It's Like To Be You

Grade 1


Bring you kindness wherever you go

Bring you kindness and then you will know

What it's like to walk in someone else's shoes

I want to know what it's like to be you

I want to know what it's like to be you

If you're walking down the street

And there's someone that you meet

Who is down on their luck

Help them to get unstuck

See the world through their eyes

And maybe you will get wise

You can learn something new

Just take a walk in their shoe..oo..oo..ooes


If you have an old toy

Give it to a girl or boy

Who is less lucky than you

That's a nice thing to do

And maybe one day in kind

In the future you will find

That someone luckier than you

Will take a walk in your shoe..oo..oo..ooes


And there you have it - eight brand new songs (and good ones too!) written in less than a week - a big congratulations to all the students on doing an amazing job!!

I'd like to pass along a big thank you to all the students and staff for having me at Centennial - I had a great week and enjoyed working with you!

I look forward to seeing you all again soon - all the best,

Bobby Boogaloo