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OVER 200 MP3's!


There are now over 200 MP3’s of GREAT songs written, performed, and recorded with over 30,000 AMAZING kids at schools across Canada!  Each of these songs have a special meaning and they focus on positive character values. Oh - and they can be pretty funny too!  Dig around & explore!


If Bobby visited your school for a "School Song Workshop", click here to hear MP3’s  and read the words for all the different school songs Bobby has written with the students!


If Bobby visited your school for a week or more and worked with your class to write a song for a "SongPower Artist-in-Residency", click here to hear MP3’s and read words for all the different schools Bobby has visited!

For Schools, Presenters, and Parents:

Bobby Boogaloo's "Kids Have Character!" School Concerts & Workshops have quickly become Canada's premiere touring Character Education Programs.

Please have a look through Bobby’s different concert and workshop programs, as well as through the “booking info” section including references, press, pricing and discounts, and touring information.

Also, please have a look through the GUESTBOOK page to see feedback from hundreds of kids across Canada.

Any thoughts, questions, suggestions, feedback? Please feel free to email us! We strive to make the best programs we can and to always get better - so we welcome your input!

“One World, One People”

    School Concert - NEW!!

Bobby’s new “One World, One People” School Concert inspires students to “THINK BIG” about who they are as individuals and also as part of a greater whole!   He was inspired to create this new Concert Program as a follow-up to his other Character Education-focused concerts and songwriting workshops, after seeing that perhaps the most powerful and transformative of the character values were unityall of us together as one “big family” -as well as celebrating the diversity (acceptance, peacefulness/“anti-bullying”) within that unity.  Other virtues such as respect, honesty, and caring tend to arise naturally out of having a greater sense of connectedness with ourselves and each other in the world!   Read More!

"Kids Have Character!"

    School Concert

Bobby Boogaloo's original "Kids Have Character" school concert is a fun, educational and inspiring sing-and-dance-along that will leave kids with Bob's unique and uplifting songs dancing in their heads and feet.

The show focuses on Character Education and Social Responsibility values, such as respect for oneself, each other, and the environment, persistence, courage, responsibility, citizenship, and thinking for oneself.  Read More!

“Family Boogie Party”

    Community Dance Party Concert - NEW!!

This all-out fun concert features songs from Bobby’s upcoming “Family Boogie Party” CD – an upbeat mix of some of the most dance-able and sing-along-able fun songs that he’s written and performs with his “grown-up” band at festival shows – re-written just for kids.   This can be an evening concert presented at your school which can tie in nicely with FUNdraisers, open house nights, or just on its own as an excuse to get your school’s families together for a great time!    Read More!

“Bobby Boogaloo & the OogaBooga Band”

    Full Band Kidz Rock’n’Rollin’ Sing-and-Shake-Along Show         -Perfect For Festivals and Theatres!

This is real deal - Bobby with his amazing OogaBooga Band - Dave on the bass and Jeremy on the drums (yes they are also a real “grown-up” band too)!!  Playing their high-energy, upbeat tunes in a real rock concert setting, with full interactivity in a sing-and-shake-along format for the kids!  Perfect for festival and theatre shows.  Read more!   See the videos here!

“Ho-Ho-Holidays Sing-Along Show!”

  Full-Out Festive Fun!

Some holiday fun for your students!  

This fun, ‘tis-the-seasonal sing-along is Bobby doing what he does best:  leading the kids through a fun-filled concert of songs delivered with his own twists, humour, and, of course, kid-interaction (including an improvised on-the-fly re-write of the 12 Days of Christmas using the student’s ideas)!    Read more!

“School Song Workshop”

 plus Concert COMBO

Does your school have a “school song”?  Maybe it’s time to make one! A song is a very powerful and fun way for a group to “come together”. What is your school all about? What makes your school special? What is important to the students and staff? What messages are worth singing again and again in a kid-friendly, fun way?

In this one or two day workshop, Bobby works with your school’s students (with staff input also) to write your very own “official” school song inspired by your character vision for the school!  And then – we sing it! And then – we record it! Then you get a CD!  And then – sing it again and again!   Read more!

“SongPower Artist-in-Residency” Workshop


This powerful 1-4 week Artist-in-Residency program is a creative adventure your students will never forget and may just inspire the next hit songwriter!  Bobby works with each class in the school to collectively write and perform a brand new song based upon a specific Character Education value, such as "respect" or "courage".  Each song is brainstormed, written, recorded and performed in a finale “World Premiere” concert, with school CD to follow!    Read more!

 Bobby Boogaloo!

Bobby Boogaloo loves to sing his inspiring songs for kids of all ages!

He has quickly become one of Canada's most in-demand children's musicians and entertainers, performing at schools and events across the country.

While performing with his "grown-up" band, Bobby received many suggestions that he should begin writing and performing for kids as well as adults. In the summer of 2005 he began creating songs and programs for kids and has never looked back.

Bobby Boogaloo wins the hearts and minds of children and adult audiences alike with his rare ability to write and perform catchy, fresh, and fun music, combined with his witty and animated sense of humour, philosophic outlook, and his deep sense of caring for the people and world around him. He truly fuses many diverse talents together in his quest to inspire and entertain.   Read more!!


Write a fan message to Bobby Boogaloo, or read what other kids across Canada have written to Bobby!  Click HERE!

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